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Susan Cooper
Photo © Tsar Fedorsky 2013
Susan Cooper is the author of the classic five-book sequence The Dark is Rising, which won a Newbery Medal, a Newbery Honor Award, and two Carnegie Honor Awards. Born in England, she was a reporter and feature writer for the London Sunday Times before coming to live in the United States. Her writing includes books for children and adults, a Broadway play, films, and Emmy-nominated screenplays. Her most recent novel for children is The Boggart Fights Back, and for adults a portrait of Revels founder Jack Langstaff called The Magic Maker. In 2012, Susan was given the Margaret A. Edwards Award and in 2013 she received the World Fantasy Award for life achievement.Her most recent titles are picturebooks: The Word Pirates and The Shortest Day, both published in 2019. Susan lives and writes in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

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