J.B. Priestley
US edition
Harper & Row, 1971
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J.B. Priestley
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J.B. Priestley: Portrait of an Author
Described by Michael Foot as “the conscience of a generation,” English writer JB Priestley was a master novelist, playwright, essayist, and social commentator. Cooper’s portrait follows his life from the horrors of WWI to his huge success in the English theater and as a bestselling novelist and broadcaster.

“Because J.B. and I were friends, I was commissioned by Atlantic Monthly Press to edit a collection of his essays, called Essays of Five Decades, which was published in 1968. This led to my writing the biography.

I can still hear JB’s rumbling Yorkshire voice. He was my friend and perhaps mentor: generous, uncompromising, funny. I owe a lot to him—and to his brilliant wife, the archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes, for her book A Land. Its mystical, poetic reflections on the geology and prehistory of the British Isles have been echoing in my mind since I was 16.”

We see Priestley in all his aspects and there emerges a man that many would not realise was there. This is truly a Portrait of an Author.
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