The Boggart Fights Back
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Simon & Schuster
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The Boggart Fights Back
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The Boggart Fights Back
Magic is in the air when Allie and Jay Cameron visit their ancesors’ ancient castle Keep in Scotland, tucked in its unspoiled loch. The twins wake the mischievous shape-shifting Boggart and his infamous cousin Nessie, of Loch Ness fame. But a summer of fun-loving trickery with the Old Things is invaded by a dangerous real estate developer called William Trout.

Trout has big plans for a luxury resort on the loch, and little care for its people or the law. The future of the loch, its seals, and all its beauty are threatened. The twins and Angus Cameron, their grandfather, mobilize to save his shop and the loch, but it’s soon clear they will need help of a quite different sort...

In a race against time, the Boggarts recruit help from other Old Things of Scotland: hair raising creatures of the Wild Magic. But are the Blue Men of the Minch and the Nuckelavee too terrifying for humans to handle? How can they drive out the invader? What’s certain is that Mr Trout is in for a wild ride in this comical, page-turning adventure.
Book 1: The Boggart
Book 2: The Boggart and the Monster
Once again, Cooper cleverly combines European folklore with modern storytelling as she satirizes materialism and contemporary politics. Through her colorful characters, she salutes traditionalism and environmentalism and takes a sharp jab at greed.
Cooper deftly weaves ancient Scottish lore into an imaginative contemporary tale with an ecological twist, while the Boggart remains as comical, fey, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining as ever.
…its heritage and folklore provide story elements that are interwoven with modern-day reality in an unusually seamless fashion. A welcome addition to the Boggart series.
This book is grand. It’s funny, it’s appalling, and it is enveloped with enough magic to satisfy anyone who craves the very best in fantasy writing.
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