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Fire on the mountain shall find the harp of gold
Played to wake the Sleepers, oldest of the old;
Power from the green witch, lost beneath the sea;
All shall find the light at last, silver on the tree.

When young Will Stanton discovers he has come of age as the lastborn of the Old Ones, the immortal keepers of the force of the Light, he is swept up in the age-old struggle between the powers of Light and Dark. The battles against the last dreadful rising of the Dark are waged across time in the most ancient myth-haunted places of England and Wales. Will, his ageless master Merriman, and their allies and adversaries—human and mythic alike—seek the objects of power that will tip the uncertain balance of good and evil that exists throughout the world and within the mind of man.

The five-book cycle, a classic work of children’s literature, is deeply rooted in the rich heritage of Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology.

“The mounting excitement of the narrative is well-matched by the strength of the writing, which can be as rich and as eloquent as a Beethoven symphony. Full of symbolism and allegory, the story and its implications are nevertheless clear, comprehensible, and enormously exhilarating.” — Ethel Heins, The Horn Book
Book 1: Over Sea, Under Stone
Book 2: The Dark is Rising
Book 3: Greenwitch
Book 4: The Grey King
Book 5: Silver on the Tree
The Dark is Rising Complete Sequence The Dark is Rising Complete Sequence
Simon & Schuster
pb ISBN 9781442412538, 1,082 pages
e-book ISBN 9781442483309

Susan Cooper's award-winning Dark Is Rising sequence, which has delighted fantasy readers for over forty years, can be found once again in one brilliant volume!

Paperback and e-book available from Barnes & Noble.

The Dark is Rising Boxed Set The Dark is Rising Sequence: Boxed Set
Simon & Schuster
hc ISBN 9781442489677
pb ISBN 9781442489684

These handsome boxed sets include all five books in the celebrated sequence.

Boxed sets available from Barnes & Noble and (local booksellers).

The Dark is Rising Sequence
Folio Society Collector's Edition

US and UK editions
The Folio Society

New preface by the author.
Book Illustrated by Laura Carlin.
Quarter-bound in buckram with Modigliani paper sides.
Printed with a design by Laura Carlin.
Set in Elysium with Clairvaux display.
Frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations.
Book Size: 9" × 6¼".

Laura Carlin’s unerring sense of colour and eye for the uncanny have created memorable, evocative images of both the characters and landscape.

The Folio Society Dark is Rising Sequence
Dark is Rising Easton Collector's Edition The Dark is Rising Sequence:
Easton Collector's Edition

The Easton Press

Here are Susan Cooper's highly acclaimed fantasy novels—honored with numerous awards including the Newbery Medal and the Newbery Honor—chronicling the adventures of Will Stanton and the struggle of Good versus Evil. Each book in this matching set includes a beautiful full-color frontispiece.

Book available from The Easton Press.