Green Boy
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Green Boy
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Green Boy
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Long Pond Cay, in the Bahamas, is a magical white-sand island. Twelve-year-old Trey and seven-year-old Lou love to visit its loneliness. But one day the magic becomes nightmare, and suddenly they are in another world—strident, polluted, and overcrowded—where little Lou is hailed not as a mute Bahamian boy but as the mythic hero Lugh, born to bring terrible destruction and renewal.

Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize longlist, 2002
At times reminiscent of both Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four, Green Boy combines a fictitious other world with a very real struggle in our own over the benefits and harms of land development, in this case a plan to transform the brothers' beloved Long Pond Cay into a resort. Although told with a child's naïveté, Green Boy examines the issue of nature versus man without tree-hugging sentimentality. In fact, Cooper's skill allows readers of all ages and experience to find, within Trey's rather straightforward account, subtle nuances and lingering questions that remain long after the tale has ended. It is ultimately this resonance that makes Green Boy an intriguing and truly lovely book.
              —DeRaismes Combes, New York Times Book Review
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