King of Shadows
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King of Shadows
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King of Shadows
Nat Field is glad to escape the tragedy shadowing his own life when he’s chosen to play Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” with a company of American boy actors visiting London’s modern replica of the Globe Theatre. But one night in London Nat goes to bed ill and wakes up to find himself in the real Globe 400 years ago, playing the same part with none other than William Shakespeare—whose warmth and understanding he soon grows to love.  Why has he been transported in time? Must he remain trapped in the past, or return home and lose this precious friendship forever?
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Best Books For Young Adults, ALA
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Award Honor Book
King of Shadows is a daring and complex novel, set against the backdrop of the life of an unhappy child who, by travelling unwittingly through time, learns how to face his real life troubles. As ever, Cooper's delicious descriptive prose combines with her elegant dialogue to bring her characters vividly to life, never taking the easy option, but allowing her players to develop and come to terms with their lives in their own time. A remarkable book that is as intriguing as it is entertaining, King of Shadows could well be the best Susan Cooper yet.
  King of Shadows playbook
  King of Shadows playbook
  King of Shadows audio CD
  King of Shadows audio CD
The British poet Adrian Mitchell adapted King of Shadows for the stage in 2005 for the New York State Theatre Institute.

The playbook and recorded stage production are available:

Theatre playbook can be purchased from Oxford University Press (for students: 17 male; 6 female; 1 either male or female)

Dramatic audio CD by the NYS Theater Institute can be found at (US) and (UK).

BBC Radio 4 Extra presented xx adaptation of King of Shadows in 2013 in their Drama programming. They are not yet available on the BBC iPlayer Radio.

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