The Word Pirates
Neal Porter Books / Holiday House, 2019
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The Word Pirates
illustrated by Stephen Kellogg
A ravenous band of pirates who eat words for breakfast gobble up the world's greatest stories. When the pirate Captain Rottingbones hears of a Word Wizard from New Zealand whose stories are especially delicious and sets sail to attack her, he finds he’s made a terrible mistake, for she also has a weapon stronger than any sword—a mighty pen.
“Steven Kellogg and I worked together on this story in honor of our dear friend Margaret Mahy, the New Zealand children’s book author. After she died in 2012, we missed her so much we thought we’d do a book together that she might have enjoyed. We modeled the Word Wizard on her and tried to capture the zany humor she brought to her storytelling and illustration.
“A right jolly paean to the deliciousness of words.”
“Two prominent creators of children’s literature have combined their powers to deliver a memorably funny tale about the value of stories. For its potential to create future readers, this book is invaluable.”  
“Captain Rottingbones and his fellow swashbucklers don’t go after the usual kinds of plunder: … they steal words from unsuspecting storytellers around the world and gobble them up …  Kellogg’s signature art overflows with the color, movement, and expression of a vintage carnival poster.”
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