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The Walker
Herne the Hunter
The Dark is Rising
50 years in print!

The 50th Anniversary edition will be available
soon. Buy the boxed set or individual titles
from your favorite independent bookseller.

The Dark is Rising

"Her five-book The Dark is Rising series is
one of the most loved and respected quest
fantasies written in the twentieth century."


BBC Radioplay The Dark is Rising

Stream the12-episode BBC radioplay
of The Dark is Rising

The Dark Is Rising  is a podcast available on Apple
and BBC Sounds, adapted for radio by
Robert Macfarlane and Complicité director
Simon McBurney. It was originally linear-broadcast
on BBC World Service in twelve daily episodes that
correspond to the ‘real time’ of the novel’s unfolding.


Long ago in the Lost Land, forgotten by all its people now, there was the beginning of that gold-linked chain of yours, iron and bronze and water and fire …

… The Land is neither of the Dark nor the Light, nor ever was. …

… Its enchantment was of a separate kind, the magic of the mind and the hand and the eye, that owes no allegiance because it is neither good nor bad. …

… It has no more to do with the behaviour of men, or the great absolutes of the Light and the Dark, than does the blossom of a rose or the leaping curve of a fish.