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The Walker
Herne the Hunter
The Shortest Day
new in 2019

Susan Cooper’s iconic solstice poem captures
the magic behind returning seasonal light,
the yearning for rituals connecting us with
the generations before—and hope for peace we
carry into the future. Illustrated by Carson Ellis

The Dark is Rising

"Her five-book The Dark is Rising series is
one of the most loved and respected quest
fantasies written in the twentieth century."


Word Pirates
new in 2019

The ripsnorting tale of a band of ravenous pirates
who gobble up words from favorite stories and
are foiled by a Word Wizard's weapon stronger than
any sword—a mighty pen! Illustrated by Steven Kellogg


Long ago in the Lost Land, forgotten by all its people now, there was the beginning of that gold-linked chain of yours, iron and bronze and water and fire …

… The Land is neither of the Dark nor the Light, nor ever was. …

… Its enchantment was of a separate kind, the magic of the mind and the hand and the eye, that owes no allegiance because it is neither good nor bad. …

… It has no more to do with the behaviour of men, or the great absolutes of the Light and the Dark, than does the blossom of a rose or the leaping curve of a fish.